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The Department of Natural Resources Public Land Survey Office (PLSO), research website will be termed the site for discussion purposes below. Images and data will be termed data and user of the site will be termed user.


Not all data in the PLSO repository is indexed into this database. Current recorded survey maps are indexed upon receipt from the county recording offices, but are not necessarily up to date. For a list of the extent of records in the database click here. Research of maps/documents not indexed in the WebXtender database and therefore not available on WebXtender, will be fee based. For additional research of records in our repository please contact the PLSO research staff at or 360-902-1190 / 888-902-1190 (toll free). Research by staff members is charged at the rate noted on the PLSO website page.


This research site is provided as a service to our customers. The DNR PLSO make no warranty or guarantee regarding the accuracy or reliability of the content of this site or other sites to which we are linked. All data contained herein is subject to change without notice.

By using this service, in any form, the user agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Washington State Department of Natural Resources, the Public Land Survey Office, its employees, agents, representatives and anyone involved in storing, retrieving, or displaying information made available on this site for and from any claim for or damage of any type caused or allegedly caused by using this research site to retrieve information over the Internet or by using the information retrieved by use of this search site.

Users should remember that the index herein provided is a guide to the information contained within the documents referenced and should not be relied upon in making any decision or determination regarding the underlying document. The user shall determine applicability of the data to their purpose. The PLSO makes no guarantees of accuracy or completeness of data obtained on this site.


The PLSO reserves the right, in its sole discretion and without notice, to correct any errors or omission in any portion of the site, or to deny access to the site to anyone at any time The PLSO has the right to modify, suspend, or discontinue the site or any portion thereof at any time, including the availability of any area of the site, including without limitation, the user fee and pricing structure (currently, no charge).

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